All about the Food

I’m back because I want to talk about food.

I debated explaining or apologizing for my absence, but I’m not going to. Let’s just get right to the good stuff, okay?

I am 21 weeks pregnant and for the first time since becoming pregnant, I’m good with cooking again. That isn’t to say that I haven’t cooked for 21 weeks, just that I would have preferred not to and didn’t ever enjoy it. This past weekend, I surprised myself at finding pleasure in menu-planning and grocery list-making.

Pinterest makes recipe browsing and saving easier than ever. I have an entire bookmarks folder in my web browser dedicated to approximately 12 categories of recipes, but the visuals of Pinterest make it more compelling and organized-looking.

Tonight, I made Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding and Tex-Mex Black-Eyed Peas with Rice. I’ll just be honest. I really only wanted to make and eat the banana pudding, so I made the healthy dinner option as a concession to the obscene quantity of calories and sugar I would consume afterwards. But! Both recipes turned out really well and both were relatively simple to be so delicious. I revised the black-eyed peas recipe a bit to make it easier on me (while I focused on making what I thought would be the true star of the evening), so I’ll post my version here:


1 bag frozen black-eyed peas (because I had some on hand already)

1/2 bag frozen spinach (ditto)

1 cup short-grain brown rice (ditto)

1 jar Trader Joe’s medium salsa

Olive oil

Garlic salt

Salt & pepper



Start rice. My rice took an hour from start to finish and the salsa side of things took less than half an hour. Time your cooking so that the two elements will be finished at roughly the same time.

Heat good-sized pour of olive oil on medium heat in a deep skillet. Add jar of salsa, frozen peas, spinach, and seasonings. Cover until boiling. Stir, reduce heat to low, and cover again until peas are soft. Remove lid and simmer until you’re happy with the consistency. Serve over rice.


I bought an avocado to accompany this, but I was so hungry that I forgot to add it. I think it would have been a welcome addition and will eat it along with the leftovers.

My husband, picky omnivore that he is, really liked this. He was suspicious that the rice was quinoa (which, to his credit, he’s tried multiple times and truly doesn’t like), but once I assured him it wasn’t, he ate it happily. I may not have mentioned that there was spinach in the dish, but he’s learned over the years to just not look too closely at anything he knows I might be sneaking additional vegetables into.

Verdict: a definite addition to our meal rotation!

The banana pudding needs no revision or explanation. Follow the recipe, be warned that it makes a ton, and enjoy.


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