final packing list

third (or fifteenth, but who’s counting?) version of my packing list. most notable changes include: one less jacket and my nikes instead of the keds. why? i’ve been watching the weather for a week or so and it’s consistently been in the high 50s-mid 60s (fahrenheit) and having lighter layers is going to serve me better than individual warmer pieces. the nikes come into play because i want to be able to walk as much as i want without having to worry about comfort.* the fact that they stand out like a sore thumb from the rest of my choices is neither here nor there.

i feel pretty settled and confident in my clothing choices, but forcing myself to confront the actual size of a 1-quart baggie today was upsetting. curious to see how that goes when actual packing starts tomorrow night.

*i’ve said this when packing sneakers for trips many times in the past and i almost never end up wearing them. however, even if i need to buy shoes,  keds-like ones will undoubtedly be more available and cheaper at high street stores than nikes.

australia v. 3


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