packing light, part 3

husband and i found this suitcase at t.j. maxx last night.

the tiniest one. the little one. the one that is 9″ x 13″ x 20,” coming in well under the widely accepted dimensions of 9″ x 14″ x 22,” which will hopefully translate to being easier to stow in the overhead bins on the plane as well as avoiding any hassle by the airline personnel about size.

as soon as we got home with it, i did a practice run. i know it all might seem like a bit much, but i decided a while back that the only way i was ever going to make this happen was with minutely detailed planning.

almost everything fit. i’m going to have to leave behind the leather satchel i was planning on packing to use as my purse on days when i don’t want to carry my backpack, but i will just try to buy a canvas tote in australia for that purpose. a practical souvenir. the other things whose accommodation might be in question are toiletries and cosmetics. will pack those in smaller bags closer to time and see how they go in my suitcase/backpack. since i’ll have to take the toiletries out for liquid scanning, they’ll likely start out in my backpack for easy access, then i’ll put them in my suitcase for the long flights.

i also am going to have to wear approximately 72 layers onto the flight.

finally, travel pillows, worth it or not? i have a smallish, rectangular soft one from 100 years ago that i like (and the stuffing, cleverly, is a folded, cushioned pillow case to zip over the pillow at your destination), but it’s one of those things that would have to be carried because it would take up too much space in the backpack. i also wish i could figure out a way to carry a legit blanket since i hope there will be much sleeping during the flight and the plane’s blankets are gross. maybe i can find a good blanket then wear it as an additional scarf?

make that 73 layers.


One response to “packing light, part 3

  1. I have a wonderful pashmina that looks almost exactly like the one in the pic, def same colors. I used it on our transatlantic flight for a blanket, it worked perfectly. Shall I sent it to you? I actually think you gave it to me to began with;)

    AND I’m gonna go fix my hair like hers…right this minute!!

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