more thoughts about packing light

i’m still thinking through how to pack in the most efficient way for our upcoming trip to australia. my plan to pack only a carry-on is still on, but only because i haven’t yet obtained said carry-on and tried to do it. gonna try and get on that soon.

here’s the current breakdown:australia v. 2australia v. 2 by swinginthelobby featuring linen tops

this should be obvious, but i don’t actually own every single one of these specific pieces (holy prices) but mostly they are approximations of my stuff. i’ll need to add in a pair of pajama pants–maybe yoga pants for the sake of space–and a few camisoles, as well as other underthings and leggings/tights. i bought a tiny hairdryer yesterday and am going to force myself to only pack what toiletries i can’t live without then just pick up the rest once we’re in australia/use what’s in the hotel.  i’m also going to have to limit myself to a teensy makeup bag. negotiating how to pack my liquids (foundation, concealer, argan oil, hair products, etc.) will be a blast.

this has motivated me to go start working on my lists. i keep thinking of things to pack or take along and not having lists started means that i don’t remember what those were at all.

here’s to getting it all in a carry-on!


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