things i did today

i didn’t get to do my scheduled reading for the day because a wicked, nearly day-long allergy attack made it impossible to translate words on a page. in lieu of the moaning i’m tempted to do about that, i’m going to instead list out the things i did do, in no particular order:

-missed my mom (she just went home after a really great week-long visit)

-washed dishes (and missed my mom some more since she was an expert dish-washer during her visit)

-went to my first acupuncture appointment

-picked up and helped Husband install a window air conditioner in our bedroom (!!!)

-watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Real Housewives of New York City


-made cold-press coffee for the morning

-went to Home Depot with Husband (even though I hate, hate, hate that place)

-read 3,264 blogs

-went to the bank

-went to the post office

-drank a glass of wine


2 responses to “things i did today

  1. I hope acupuncture is going to be magic for you and death to your allergy issues–

    I hope you get a ton of reading done today, required reading, that is–

    for some reason accompanying husbands to Home Depot or Lowe’s does wonders for the marriage, don’t try to understand it, just participate when you can–

    And I miss you more, fact of life, will always be that way–

  2. You HATE Home Depot!!?!?! Did I know that!??! What the heck? I love home depot. It is INSPIRING.

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