resort 2012

as the inevitable haze and exhaustion of finals week takes hold, i found some solace in the newly released resort 2012 collections. i’ve collected my favorites here, but first i want to imagine where these clothes will be worn.

all images from the cool hunter‘s “amazing places” album

santorini, greece

green canyon, west java, indonesia

crystalline turquoise lake, jiuzhaigou national park, china


bora bora

norway alesund

enter the clothes. my favorites were thakoon, erdem, and yves saint laurent. all images courtesy of first up: thakoon. the color palette, tailoring, and shapes are so, so perfect.

next: erdem. their signature prints always slay me, but the textures and layers added in this time around are especially spot-on. these textiles are incredible.

two final erdem-related notes. 1) i know she’s just doing as directed, but that model needs to close her mouth. something’s gonna fly in there. 2) wouldn’t it be a fun challenge to see what those amazing shoes wouldn’t go with?

finally, yves saint laurent. i love the prints, the blocks of color, and the retro patterns the creative team must have drawn from. i also that some of the looks, especially in their styling, are borderline caricatures–seems like just the right note to strike.


One response to “resort 2012

  1. Serena van der Woodsen can tell us all about What Happened In Santorini.

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