picture tuesday

i made a grilled cheese yesterday using cheddar, muenster, and gruyere. it was really good, but i’m still thinking about that goat cheese and pesto one that i posted yesterday…

our cat is a total busybody. i had to put this chair next to the window for her because she kept falling out of the just-too-narrow sill. now she can snoop at her leisure.

i had cocktails with ladyfriends last night at a fancy-pants (for eugene) restaurant instead of staying home and continuing to pretend i was going to actually get any work done. i had the “aviation,” which isn’t on the online menu, but is aviation gin, creme de violette, and a cherry (which you can barely see at the bottom of the glass). it is, as the bartender said, “dry,” but totally delicious. i like purple drinks.

this is a peony (i think) from the saturday market. it was as big as my head.


One response to “picture tuesday

  1. I cannot wait to have one of your grilled cheese sandwiches, meet your kitty cat, go to market with you and maybe share a lovely purple drink!

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