have a free day?

why not use it to write that paper that’s due in two days?



instead, how about making a fancy grilled cheese, watch some tv, and obsess some more over travel plans, gardening, and haircuts?


look at this delicious sandwich. just look at it. mine won’t be nearly as nice. by kelly bone.

i love khloe and lamar. their show is so funny. i pretty much love all things kardashian.


i like googling things like “best cosmetics for travel” and reading people’s inane (and sometimes surprisingly useful) commentary on threads from years ago. i don’t know why. don’t ask me. also, don’t forgot your fat free salad dressing!


i also enjoy reading threads like this one even though they totally freak me out and i eventually just have to close the tab to avoid panicking. my yukon gold potato plants are doing fabulously. i know because i pulled an entire one (the size of a small bush) out of the ground this weekend to see what it was. surprise! it was the same plant i put there a while back. gardening. crazy. when i did that, though, there were lots of baby golds growing attached to that plant, which made me wonder, how are you supposed to harvest them? i can’t imagine pulling the entire plant out of the ground without knowing how big the potatoes are is really the ideal way. i also don’t know that randomly digging around in the dirt for gold (ha) is the best way either. i have no idea what i’m doing. maybe this is my answer? i don’t know. i have the same questions about garlic.

carey mulligan is so hot. i like to imagine that my hair could look like this. it’s not true, but it’s a fun idea to linger over every now and then.



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