i love planning

one of the best parts of traveling for me is the planning. i’ve already made our reservations and bought our plane tickets, but i am still unsure what exactly i’ll be packing for our australia trip (in july).

i have this fantasy of being one of those experienced, seasoned, and light travelers, carrying only my modest backpack and one carry-on. i imagine that if i simply plan what to pack with this in mind i can do it! here’s my first take at a capsule collection for our two-week trip. keep in mind that it will be winter while we are there, i will be alternating between professional and casual situations, and we will have access to laundry facilities for the most part of our trip. (i can already tell that the striped wrap dress, an approximation of a different, better one that i own, and the gray hoodie are probably going to have to go.)australia trip summer 2011


One response to “i love planning

  1. you’re going to be such a glamorous traveler/conference-goer!

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