six months later

and i’m back to this space. i’ve wanted to come back many times, but my guilt, stress, workload, and all-too-real to-do list kept me away. none of those things have really changed, but the clutter of my brain demanded some sorting through.

so here i am–sorting through. as per usual, i’ve got too much to do without the energy, hours, or motivation to accomplish it all.

here’s a picture that my husband took of me with a baby tiger last weekend when we visited a wild animal game park about three hours from here.

i want that baby tiger to come and live with me…

while i write a paper on burlesque, plan trips to australia and denver, contemplate a haircut, pretend to meal-plan and grocery shop, conference with 30 students in two days, prepare for the qualifying exams for my phd program, apply to conferences in my field, write a final exam, and remember to shower.

some of these days it’s only poetry and wine. in case you need it too, here’s a current favorite wine and a poem by aram saroyan:

Everything is going about its business
The plums are ripening
Poets are living in hovels, ecstatic
As living models of what you can do
If you can’t do anything else
Children are playing with each other
In modern updated dramas of Mama & Grandma
A little boy stands at the window, watching snow,
And thinking snow, too, through other thoughts
There’s a wonderful quality now, suddenly,
To the light on the porch as the moths flutter
And the fragrance in the air is pure and rich
The ocean is going constantly
Along with the highways and the all-night take-out joints
People are getting in accidents, dying, and being saved


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