I Love My Ducks?

In a radical departure from all the posts about New York Fashion Week, here’s one about a little video I can’t stop watching.

Spoiler: it’s about football.

WHAT?! I know. I didn’t plan on liking it. These guys released their first “I Love My Ducks” video around this time last year and it was all my students could talk about for a day or two. When I heard Supwitchugirl made a new one I watched it so I could prepare myself and have some sense of what they were sure to be talking about.

You guys. It’s good, right? Charming. Unbelievably catchy. And that one kid with the curly hair is so cute! It (almost) makes me wish I was a football fan.


3 responses to “I Love My Ducks?

  1. I’m gone! I want a hoodie;)

  2. …AND in the first scene the guy has on a Nascar tshirt! Nascar and college football all rolled into one!!

  3. Aww this makes me miss the Ducks! and I never even cared about football. Maybe I just miss you??

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