Catching Up and Shipping Out

There were a couple of other fantastic NYFW shows that I wanted to recap…but we all see how well that went. Proenza Schouler is really worth checking out the entire collection.

School is starting back on Monday. “Week of Welcome” is nearly over. Everything is ramping up really, really quickly and my to-do list is already spiraling out of control. I’m keeping lists of lists and very strategic stacks of books and items around my apartment in preparation to shift to my office on campus more full-time. I have to finish a syllabus. Like yesterday. I have to finish reading a textbook. Like yesterday.

There will be coffee. Tomorrow.

All that to say that my posts here may become even more sparse than they have been. I still have some sewing projects up my sleeve (ha!) and will try and update here if any of those go surprisingly well. Otherwise, I’m going to focus as much leftover brain power as I might have on my academic blog and set a personal goal of posting there regularly (at a rate yet to be determined) if you’re into that sort of thing.

You can also find me (always) on Twitter and over at this new site I’ve been digging called Pinterest. It’s what I hoped Tumblr would be, but wasn’t. It’s a visual tagging/storage site to keep track of all the things you like to look at, in whatever categories you desire that is quick and easy to curate. Follow me there and/or send me a link to the boards you start!

I’m sure I’ll be around here more than I think, if for no other reason than procrastination, but I’m battening down the hatches.


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