Looking Like a Student

I no longer can pretend that I look 18, but apparently I’m not far enough off yet to prevent my students from assuming I’m one of them. I like to think that not carrying a Jansport or Dakine backpack or one of those hideous, ubiquitous TimBuk2 bags will help.

I want a new school bag. I bought this PVC, working-woman-messenger-bag from Office Max right before I started grad school. It was on clearance for $25, bright red, and I needed something that wasn’t a backpack or nylon immediately. I told myself that it would be worth the price tag if it lasted for a year. That thing is still going strong. The “metal” has started peeling off around the closure, but the bag itself, and most surprisingly, its straps, are still in fine condition. I can fit a ridiculous amount of things in it and still get it to close. At one point it carried my laptop in its sleeve, its power cord, one notebook, four library books, my large pair of over-the-ear headphones, a scarf and hat, and a wide assortment of sticky notes, pens, pencils, stickers, lip glosses and balms, coupons, and all the other garbage that finds its way into my daily totes. Point is, my shoulders and back complained way before that long-suffering bag ever did.

But I’m sick of it. Sick of it and its metal-peeling self.

We just finished out year two together, and I’ve got roving eyes.

This bag is currently on the top of my wishlist.

It’s chic, all leather, and relatively affordable as far as leather bags of that size go. Miss Sarah has one and was kind enough to respond to some of my questions about it via email. Like I told her, my biggest concern about that particular bag is the width of the shoulder strap. Once I load up a bag with all of my daily necessities, I’m afraid a leather strap of that size might cut me.

We’ll see. I have an email in to the company and am waiting to hear back from them.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been checking out other options for grown-ups going back to school.

These bags from Makr are so cool. Clean and functional while still being appealing.

Bags like this one from Urban Outfitters have been showing up everywhere this year.

But why buy that when you can get the similar, authentic product at an Army surplus store for less than half Urban Outfitter’s price?

On the less affordable end of the range is this gorgeous bag from Banana Republic.

I also a really digging this bag from ASOS although it’s far too small to serve as a school bag.

But my favorite part of this is the typo in the care information on the listing.


I also love this bag from Topshop and it could possibly work as a school bag for someone who carries around less crap than me.

In looking back through all of these it’s a bit weird to realize how similar they all are. At least I’m consistent, right?


One response to “Looking Like a Student

  1. Kinda love the last one the most. Red accessories rock, though…

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