Thinking ahead.

Today has been super relaxed. After my class got out this morning, I’ve been catching up on my favorite magazines: Lula! Elle! Bust! Lula is my absolute fave, and it’s always a bit like a treasure hunt buying it.

The magazine is expensive at around $15 an issue, but because it’s UK-produced, it’s still cheaper to pay that than to subscribe! Plus, each of Lula’s “magazines” are really more like a keepsake, soft-cover book. If you’ve never looked through one, I’ve had good luck finding them when they’re first released (they seem to sell relatively quickly) at Borders. Adore them.

Anyway. All this magazine-readin’ has got me thinking about my fall wardrobe.* The Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Proenza Schouler, and Louis Vuitton shows each play a significant role in shaping my fall fashion desires.

The color palette I want my clothes to adhere to contains: black, navy, khaki/tan, ivory, powder blue, bright tomato red, drab and dove greys, blue-based purple, and nude pink. I want patterns to include florals of various scales and twee-ness, stripes, and polka dots of all sizes. Any addition to my wardrobe I consider that falls outside of this range of colors will have to be an awesome exception. I do foresee some citron, olive, and teal being tempting though. I am also interested in lots of lace, and various weight silks and wools.

Because being a graduate student hasn’t suddenly become wildly profitable, I’m going to have to be serious about this. Knowing exactly what “look” I’m going for and sticking to pre-set rules (beyond simply budgetary ones) will make filling out my wardrobe easier and more pleasurable. I’ve been ruthless about editing my closet in the past year or so–anything that I don’t love is gone. Anything that doesn’t quite fit, that needs repairs I can’t or won’t make, that hasn’t been worn in over a year, gone. Out of here. I need the space. Plus, getting dressed is so much simpler when I’m facing a decision between items I love versus having to choose between the lesser of two things I’m only mildy excited by. I want to keep an edited closet.

This has become easier as I’ve spent time, in magazines, in blogs, in reviewing fashion shows, determining what my style is. Knowing what silhouettes I’m drawn to time and time again make it easy to turn down one in a store that looks appealing on the mannequin, but I know I’ll never wear. Knowing what colors I like throughout the seasons and that work with what’s already happening in my closet make it easy to pass over others. Knowing that certain fabrics irk me after half an hour’s wear means that reading the relevant label on a piece can make or break a buying decision.

I’m not saying that my style and tastes don’t evolve. I’m just saying that allowing myself the freedom to declare “a style” means that it’s easier to say goodbye to hangers-on taking up space in my closet and to edit down my list of shopping wants.

Speaking of wants, I’m planning on sewing some of the items I already know I want and will work with what I have in mind. I have a couple of projects to start on soon, but others will have to wait until I can find/afford the required fabrics. I’m planning on making at least 2 dresses, possibly up to four. I also have plans for 3 skirts and 1 top. Updates on that as they occur.

My list of items to actually purchase includes: black cowboy boots, this gold Michael Kors watch, a chunky-knit ivory sweater or cardigan, black leather strappy platforms, black or dark grey wool shorts, dove grey or animal-print jacket, and a loosely fitted ivory, silky blouse with a sweetheart neckline. I feel like that’s a totally reasonable list for an entire season. I’m sure it will shift as time and trends pass, but I’m feeling confident in it for now, especially because I bet that I can find a couple of the items at thrift or consignment stores. Wish me luck.

Check in tomorrow. I’m working on sorting through each of my inspiration folders and go-to sites to collate a selection of images to represent what I’m thinking about.

*I know this isn’t so serious. But gosh, it’s fun and makes my life a happier place for me to inhabit. Don’t rain on my parade.


2 responses to “Thinking ahead.

  1. I love that you know exactly what you want for your wardrobe, so few people do! It’s amazing what a few key pieces that you love can do to round out a wardrobe. I did this for my summer wardrobe without breaking the bank and need to concentrate on fall now–the problem is, I always get so tempted with fall’s offerings 🙂
    Hope your week has been a good one!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. “hangers on” now that’s a great statement on soooo many levels!!

    I hope you find everything you are looking for and more;)

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