Flowers are all I’ve got for today. If you’re looking for more, you can hop on over to my fancypants “academic blog” and read my rambling, unorganized, and mostly unsubstantiated thoughts on Inception. Warning: Like in my Avatar review, I’m kind of a buzzkill.

Husband got these for me at the Saturday farmers’ market here. Our little Alice is behind me. I thought these flowers were awesome.

Especially these crazy purple ones!


3 responses to “Flowers

  1. gorgeous and gorgeous (you and the flowers, not the car;)

  2. I loved your post on Inception!

  3. Hi darling, your posts are so smart and thoughtful! I’m usually 100% a buzzkill in every situation, so I maybe don’t mind it when things are a downer/I never think anything is really a downer.

    xo Jenny

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