Spritzers and stuff

I graded exactly thirteen (of twenty-two) essays before I broke down and made myself a wine spritzer (using OJ and a diet grapefruit soda my parents left behind). It’s delicious. Ah, the perks of being a grown-up.

I showed the first 45 minutes of Food, Inc. in my class today and found myself super grossed out, which is the point, but still.

S. and I have been to Starbucks every day this week. We also have been to different ones every day this week. We’re going to start a rating system for them, including factors like: parking availability, proximity to our homes, number of transients, entertainment value of people-watching, busy-ness, etc. We’re only half kidding.

Got this book from the library today. Excited about checking it out, but between all the Starbucks, grading, teaching, and television-watching, I haven’t yet had the chance.

Finally, those tomatoes from yesterday’s post? MADE THE BEST TOMATO SANDWICH IN THE WORLD TODAY. So good.

Tomorrow S., Artie, and I are going to the lake. Maybe I’ll even take a picture or two.

And because I care, I’ll leave you with a token of my affection:


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