She’s so vanilla.

Husband and I did make it to the new fancy-pants frozen yogurt place the other night. We liked it, but agreed that it was no Pinkberry. It was surprisingly more expensive than Pinkberry, for one, and the store itself wasn’t as cool looking. Bonuses for the place, called Vanilla Jill’s, were that they try and use local ingredients when possible and they also use some kind of super-healthy, super-expensive (five times more so than organic sugar, they claim) sugar substitute. I can’t remember the name. It sounded like a toothpaste ingredient.

Anyway. On to the important stuff.

I had the vanilla bean yogurt with lavender syrup. Interesting, but good. I didn’t love the texture of the syrup on the yogurt though–it didn’t mix well. I wish they had lavender sprinkles, or crystals, or something. The flavors were great, but it didn’t look very pretty and wasn’t easy to get proportionately flavored bites.

Husband had the blueberry yogurt (their “summer flavor”) with brownies and chocolate syrup. He liked it okay, but I tasted it and thought mine was definitely better, even if short on brownies.

I’ve been grading essays off and on all weekend, along with hanging in the sunshine with friends and their doggies. Tomorrow starts a (short) week of teaching, but I’ll be around.


One response to “She’s so vanilla.

  1. Xylitol or eurythritol perhaps? Or stevia?

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