I’ve been a bit under the weather recently and spent my entire Friday laid up on the couch with only The Bachelorette to keep me company. Oy.

Today, however, Husband and I Have Plans. We’re going to replenish the sad state of affairs that is our fridge and pantry. We’re going to the cheap movies. We may even try out this fancy-pants new frozen yogurt place in town. Gosh, our ambition frightens even me.

Finally, and I’m not sure how this relates, but here it is: I’m developing a mild obsession with Bethenny Frankel. (For you, Mom.) “Bethenny Getting Married” is so fun to watch. I requested a couple of her books through my school’s library system and if I read them and they’re good…I’ll talk about them more here.


The end.


One response to “Sickly

  1. I love Bethenny Getting Married? She has me crying and laughing with her hormones and her immense sarcasm. I love her!

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