Impossible to Capture

K and B are a special couple and special friends. They’ve been together since they were fifteen. They share most of the same friends and their families are close. All of these factors along with them being the kind, people-loving, friend-magnets that they are meant that their wedding day was one to be remembered. The entirety of the day–the preparations, the ceremony, and the party–were all filled with a warmth and love that I don’t ever remember sensing so strongly at a wedding. They give, and receive, enormous amounts of love.

It’s the kind of thing that is mostly impossible to capture in photos–especially when I was too busy and distracted to take many. It made me wish I had one of those fancy (-ier) DSLRs that takes HD video as well so I could have made a little vignette of the day.

I was honored that K asked me to help her get ready for the wedding by doing her makeup. It was great to share in the intimate, hurried moments pre-photos and ceremony. She was, and is, a beautiful bride.

I love these two photos of K and her mom. You can feel her excitement and anticipation.

The joy on all three of their faces is so obvious and contagious.

Husband took this of me during the lemonade and appetizer reception between the ceremony and the dinner reception. I’m wearing my Rodarte for Target dress and a vintage necklace that my sweet step-dad bought for me on our recent vacation.

First dance.

Perfectly disheveled from just the right excess of dancing and wine.

Happy wedding, KB. I wish you all the happiness in the world.


One response to “Impossible to Capture

  1. you are so precious, honey~ and a balm for my soul–love it that you are so beautiful inside and out!!!

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