Read the fine print, okay?

We’re home again! We covered a massive amount of miles and experiences in a few short days, so I’m going to spread out my storytelling over a couple of posts. I’ll start with the beginning.

We drove (about twelve hours) to San Francisco, arriving late Thursday night. We found our hotel (that I mentioned here) and I was impressed with the lobby. The room? NOT EVEN. Kids, I didn’t read the fine print, but apparently Husband did. When we got to our room and it was dingy, dark, and showing signs of not having been updated in upwards of fifteen or twenty years, I was super bummed. Husband said, “Did you not request one of the renovated rooms?” Well, no. No, I didn’t. Didn’t realize I HAD to. Plus, we were doing San Fran on a budget, and the updated rooms also cost more, as we learned the next day. Still though, our room was little better than this. Ugh. What a disappointment.

The upside was that we were only there for one night and it was pretty wallet-friendly. The Hotel Vertigo is in the Tenderloin District (really interesting article about the location from the NYT here, though I question the political ethics of some of the author’s claims) and within “walking distance” of just about everything. We walked many miles on our one day sweep and would have done more if my left hip and right ankle hadn’t just practically given up on me in the late afternoon. Husband dropped me at a Starbucks and went to retrieve our luggage and car from the hotel (rant: why does valet parking cost $40 a night?). Yes, I am eighty-seven years old.

Our overall impression of San Fran, given the fact that we had a very cursory experience and were physically exhausted from hoofing it up and down unbelievable hills all day, wasn’t really that great. Granted, I compare every city now to my one great love, NYC, but there wasn’t any magic for me in San Francisco like there is in the Big Apple. Nice things I will say about San Fran: cool architecture, great bridge, decent shopping, and pretty views. The end. Now for some pictures.

Hotel lobby that was completely misleading. Boo.


I told Husband that I think I’ve discovered how I like my pastels!

We ate a late breakfast at the Moulin Rouge cafe based on its Yelp reviews and holy cow, it didn’t disappoint. The food was good, the service friendly, and, perhaps most importantly (on a sightseeing day), we weren’t hungry again until about 7 o’clock that night.

I thought it was great that they put garnish even on the pancakes. It’s the details, people.

Me at Lombard Street.

Husband and Alcatraz.

Me and some boat near the touristy wharf areas.

Golden Gate.

Whew. Makes me tired all over again just thinking about it. More to come tomorrow.


2 responses to “Read the fine print, okay?

  1. beautiful pics! And once you learn the “fine print” rule, you usually don’t forget it;)

    And the pic of Steven and Alcatraz made me laugh, HA!

  2. Oh no! So sorry to hear about Vertigo. I had wanted to stay there, but now I’m not so sure. Guess I have a heads up on the renovations. Is it part of the Kimpton Hotels?

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