Attack of/in the Air!

Tonight Husband and I went and flew our new kite (purchased here) to demonstrate our appreciation of summer’s arrival. Finally. It was a lot of fun…for about fifteen minutes. Then, because we live in the allergy capital of the world (and I’m not kidding) my nose started running like a faucet, I couldn’t stop sniffling, and my face started turning red and swollen-y.


Anyway. Here’s a photo that was taken before all of that happened.

Yes. That is, in fact, me looking down upon you because there’s no way you possess superior kite-flying skillz. I was able to let out all 250 feet of string. Yeah, what now?!


2 responses to “Attack of/in the Air!

  1. ha! I KNEW you could do it;)

  2. your brother, Brock, has this message for you, “pooey on you” that’s a direct quote and spelling from the 17yr old;)

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