The Perfect Vacation

I just had the most perfect vacation ever. It could only have been improved if my Marine brother had been able to be with us. I can’t even begin to list all of the amazing and hilarious things that my family and I said and did over the past nine days, but here’s a very condensed portrayal of the trip through photos that I (or Husband) took.

The house we stayed at was absolutely unbelievable. Beautiful, comfortable, and surrounded by gorgeous gardens. These poppies were in the front gardens.

A view of the sunset from the back gardens.

Crazy, ballerina-looking flowers that my mom discovered in the front gardens. I really like them.

Most of my family! Watching sea lions. Photo by Husband.

We had lots of pool time, mostly night swims for the adults, in the heated pool. The average temperatures on the coast during our stay were in the high fifties, low sixties.

A lighthouse about a mile from where we stayed.

Another swimming photo of my little brother.

The morning view of the beach from my bedroom window. Missing that.

Key Lime sugar cookies that my mom and I made. Oh man, were they good. If I can recreate them I’ll share some approximation of the recipe here. My step-dad made delicious meals for us the entire trip, but they were too good to bother with photographing before devouring.

Precious seal at a cute little aquarium. We saw seals in the wild too! And whales! Surreal.

My lovely mom. We did a lot of this looking over the course of the trip.

Hard not to with views like this.

My brother visited the tidal pools with us one day and hung out with a starfish.

We flew our new kite.

My cute little sister.

Ending our vacation with a tour of my campus.

I really am not exaggerating when I say that it was a glorious trip. Thanks, family.

In other news, summer classes started today which means I’m back to teaching. It’s a bit of a fast-paced course and meets four days a week. I think I’ll adjust quickly, but I’m already watching the time I’d hope to dedicate to summer projects slip away. Wah wah. Maybe posting them here will keep me motivated. All right? All right. I want to make at least one wearable, pretty dress this summer. Now. I’ve put it out there.


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