I’ll Be Relaxing in St. Tropez.

Not really, but a girl can dream.

Moments ago, (mere moments, children!) I finished, I think, I hope, the final revisions for my first legitimate publication. It’s been incredible and exhausting to be able to work on something I actually care about and know that other people who are also passionate about it will be reading it…even if it is only the editors.

Once it comes out in print I’ll post more about it here, but just know that it’s centered around Lady Gaga. Le duh.

Husband promised me any dessert that I wanted when I completed the revisions, I owe a friend a drink, and we’re having dinner with different friends tomorrow night! I’m planning on centering all of the celebrations around myself, natch.

This weekend my family arrives for a week-long visit! I’m beyond, beyond excited. They rented us a glorious home on the coast of Oregon and we’re going to hang out and eat and tell stories and make fun of each other, like we do. I’m planning on taking obscene amounts of photos and will be sure to share some here. Posting for the next week will likely be irregular since I’ll be on vacation.

You, too, can take a virtual vacay with Garance’s latest video. She has an incredible knack for crafting these. She makes me want to attempt one for each of my trips. Plus, Saint Tropez with the Kaiser? How could you go wrong?


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