And, it’s still raining.

I can’t stop whining about the rain. The whining started in January and has just been increasing in intensity and frequency since. It’s hitting a fever pitch now. It’s JUNE and it’s still below 60 degrees and grey and raining here every. Single. Day. I’m so over it. And I’m so out of here. Long term thinking, folks.

Today I made cookies for the final meeting of my art history seminar. We were supposed to bring snacks. Don’t start thinking I’m going all generous and thoughtful on you.

They were pretty good. I don’t have any leftovers.

Well, except for these. I don’t really remember what happened. I got on my computer or on the phone or something and forgot about them. Whoops. They’re totally hard and crunchy. Not how I like chocolate chip cookies.

Tomorrow I’m grading all day and, doubtlessly, moaning about the miserable weather.


3 responses to “And, it’s still raining.

  1. sunshine coming to you soon in the form of a 747—

  2. Agreed. Damn, momma want some cookies.

    (My apologies. The wine is SPEAKING now.)

    • twistofdynamite

      Beks, you come see me and I’ll make you cookies. Them PLUS wine is the only thing making this JUNE?! (can you even believe it?!) bearable.

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