Stuff I liked this week:

Tavi tells Terry Richardson what’s what. Someone needs to. She handled it.

E. of Academichic has a new glorious summer hat.

Why it’s okay for feminists to care about fashion. Duh.

An awesomely simple tutorial for sewing a basic skirt from What a Nerd Would Wear. Sewing this and several items from the Built by Wendy sewing books (I have them all!) are on my summer to-do list.

A strawberry shortcake recipe that I can’t wait to try out from Vanilla Sugar.

A hilarious, irreverent guide to the 10 Worst Things about (an NYC) Summer from Gawker. I wholeheartedly agree. Especially about the flip-flops, watermelon, and hot cars. Ugh.

Finally, not a link, but my campus has some gorgeous poppies (one of my favsies) and these are ginormous.

Annnd just happened to match my nail polish? Whatwhat.

Happy weekend, everybody.


One response to “Stuff I liked this week:

  1. the gorgeous poppies should make you think of your brother, not because he’s gorgeous, but because he is up to his eyeballs in fields of them! Can you imagine??

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