Insomnia, procrastination, and covetousness.

Refinery 29‘s email showed up this morning with a photograph that made me look twice. And I decided that I liked what I saw.

via Morning Cloak

I already had most of the elements to recreate this look. White summer dress, cognac flat shoes, coral lipstick…but no military jacket. I had planned to run a couple of errands today and then devote myself to grading at least half of the essays I need to get done. You can guess where this is going.

Thanks to a particularly successful selling trip at Buffalo Exchange I still have some credit to spend there; I spent about forty-five minutes, canvassing the store–no military jacket to be found. I tried on 10 other things, but nothing was bring-home worthy. Being the poor, banned-from-shopping (for a while, anyway) student that I am, I went to the thrift stores. It was at the third and final one that I found this:

Sorry for the super processed photo, but I was not photo-ready, y’all. But look! It’s an Old Navy jacket that was on sale for $2.50. It’s far from being the jacket of my dreams, or of the original photo, but it was available and attainable. Normally I would not advocate for bringing home anything less than exactly what you love, but today I made an exception. For less than $3, it’s gonna satiate my shopping craving and let me make sure this isn’t just a trend piece (for my purposes) before I go investing real dollars.

Once I got home I spent some serious time scouring the web for other options and didn’t come up with any that were BOTH perfect for me or in my current price range, but! They might work for you.

I really, really like this one from Intermix.

And this one from Urban Outfitters looks promising, but I’m not sold on the color.

There’s something appealing to me about this one on Etsy, but it’s not quite the shape or length I really want.

This jacket is particularly great, but so not going to happen for me at $400.

(Sorry I had to cut off the poor model’s head, but Nordstrom’s images are particularly weird to try and share.)

So there you have it! A new obsession that I don’t think has any real staying power, but has served its purpose in distracting me for a day and providing grounds for a new outfit combination.

I’ve missed being here. I’ll be around more often now. xo


3 responses to “Insomnia, procrastination, and covetousness.

  1. I’m so “sold” on the thrift store concept. It takes a little more time in my neck of the woods, but so worth it:) Recycling at it’s best, yes??

  2. …and I also bought a green (lime green for me) blazer this week for $2.50- extremely uncanny;)

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