School’s still in here. I’ve got a week of classes and a week of “finals,” which translates to one more paper to write, approximately 50 more essays to grade, a presentation to create, and a lot of paperwork to complete. On top of that, I’m working on a publication that I’m very excited about and proud of, but lamenting the ill-timing of its due date. More about that later.

For now: a picture of my desk from earlier this week. FYI: These Starbucks reusable cold cups are fantastic. I’ve already bought two and use them nearly every day (I’ve gotten pretty good at making my own iced soy chai lattes and soy frappuccino-like drinks). I’m thinking of getting a third and stashing it for when I inevitably break or lose one of the others. I highly recommend.

Mom, I wear the Wayfarers you got me nearly every day. Sometimes even when it’s dark and raining. They hide my angry morning eyes from my poor, unassuming fellow bus riders and make me feel slightly more invisible and awesome. Thank you.

P.S. When I exported this image from iPhoto to upload it here I got a real kick out of the fact that I’d already named it “desktop” then moved it to my virtual “desktop.” Haa.


2 responses to “Desktop

  1. You’re so very, very welcome. And I saw those cups in Starbucks and LOVED! I was going to get you one and glad now that I didn’t;)

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