End-of-Term Cooking

One might think that my cooking would suffer at the end of the term. One would only be partially right about this.

I have intense cravings for carbohydrates and comfort food, in all forms, during the end of each quarter. I also have little-to-no actual time I should be able to devote to cooking (or blogging), and yet, here I am. In the kitchen (and on the laptop). Cooking and all things domestic start to look even more appealing when the other option involves a serious time investment and brain power/focus.

This weekend I’ve had several successful, albeit run-of-the-mill, kitchen ventures. The first was that I made homemade biscuits. They were tiny and delicious. Tiny, I think, because I used one of my small drinking glasses as a cutter. I also added an extra 1/4 cup of cream as recommended by a reviewer. I’ll definitely keep making these.

I also made creamy Italian dressing. And it was good. I didn’t use quite as much oil as listed and added extra spices and garlic.

That’s the dressing. (It’s way greener in the photo than in real life.) And the bread I ate it with, despite the fact that the recipe says it’s “good on vegetables and salad.” Yep. And french bread, sucka. You can also see two of the tiny leftover biscuits in a baggie at the top of the photo.

These are breakfast burritos. This is my second foray into making them and hopefully it will be just as successful as the first. They’re kind of gross, if you just think about what goes into them, and also kind of delicious. I make them in bulk like this and then freeze them. It’s an easy way for me to grab breakfast/lunch to take to school and avoid the temptation of eating out on days when I don’t have other leftovers or can’t bear another PB&J. If you’re really interested in how to make a dozen of these, here’s the steps:

Dice up about 5 medium-sized potatoes. Parboil for approximately ten minutes. Drain.

Spray large pan with cooking spray and cook potatoes over medium-high heat while adding the following spices in amounts completely at your discretion:

garlic salt/powder

(lots of) black pepper

seasoning salt (I prefer Lawry’s)

ground mustard

sea salt

Cook potatoes until they are a texture you like. Remove from heat.

Mix approximately ten eggs in a bowl with milk, salt, and pepper. Scramble.

Fry or microwave Morningstar breakfast sausage patties. I like one patty per burrito, so for this many I made twelve.

Grate as much or as little cheddar and/or pepper jack cheese as you like.

Dole out somewhat proportionate amounts onto large burritos (I like Mission brand, large size for this project), fold in a haphazard manner, wrap in plastic wrap, and freeze.

Then reheat in microwave for 2-4 minutes and promptly burn yourself on the steaming potatoes while cursing the still-frozen eggs.

I didn’t say it was perfect, just good. If you can get the microwaving part down to a science, we’d be golden.

Happy Monday! Let me know if you try any of these recipes out or have any suggestions.


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