It’s a thing that I do. It gets to be the end of the term and I find a new obsession–something to keep me occupied and my brain away from schoolwork. It’s the opposite of what I need.

This term it’s been a camera-related obsession.

My dad bought me my first “real” camera as a college graduation gift, a Nikon D40. I have loved this camera. It has been great. But I’m ready for more.

The author of this blog has some of the most beautiful photos and mentioned that she uses a Canon 50D. Thus, the search began. Over the past two days I’ve read over 25 reviews of just this one camera. Plus others. One day I fantasize about owning the Canon 5D Mark II, but I think that the 50D would be an ideal way to educate myself and a logical next step. A friend has also recommended looking into the 40D for economy’s sake, and I haven’t ruled it out, although the added features of the 50D make me concerned about skimping.

Also? Lenses. Oh, lenses. I have so much to learn. There are two prime lenses I know that I want for “my Canon” (that has yet to materialize) but it will probably take me a year of saving and whining to acquire them both.

I’ve listed my D40 for sale on Craigslist and already had two bites. I’ll keep you posted.


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