An assortment (not of the chocolate kind)

I’m in mourning for Alexander McQueen. So sad. This photo by Garance of his NYC shop is perfect for the moment. I’m going to remember the best things he did.

Rihanna, stop stealing my favorites from my closet. If anyone working for Jeremy Scott wants to pass one of these along to me, I’ll promise to take lots of photos of myself wearing it and put your name in a heart in every one.

I have this pattern and want the time to try and make this piece. Bolt is helping.

Louise makes me smile. So spring-y.

I’m a longtime fan of Rodarte and am happy to see this. They win.

These are the sweetest little-kid valentines!

Here’s some photos of our Valentine’s Day together. We celebrated today, thinking our new car was a pretty sweet valentine for each other. Husband also got me the best cards evah (one from him, one from Paperweight). I’m consistently reminded of why I picked him.

We had brunch/lunch together at Montage. This was my “old mac.” Delicious, I tell you.

Even still, I had leftovers. The kind waitstaff wrapped them up inside a tinfoil…squirrel.

We ended up at this weird mall. There was a Lego store. I liked this carousel.

Husband more than liked this pirate ship. Can’t say that I blame him.

The End.

NYFW post coming soon. I’ve been curating my favorites as the photos from the shows are posted over at New York Magazine.


2 responses to “An assortment (not of the chocolate kind)

  1. I absolutely love Steven’s face in the window! And your tinfoil creature, how cute was that?

    Happy, Happy V Day! Sorry your gift will be late, but it’s one way to stretch out the holiday:)

    I love ya!

  2. her photo is so captured in the moment! I love it! Polaroid photos!

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