1. I now have my Wu name. Would you like yours?

2. iPad is a stupid name. But it’s pretty.

3. I can haz these? Yes, yes, I can.

via My BF closet

4. I have a new addiction. I read through the first three rapidly then started book four at two a.m. a couple of days ago and honestly just haven’t had a moment to pick it up since then. I can’t wait for the weekend to finish it! Eeeee!

Dare I say, Team Edward?! Ugh, they’re so, so wonderfully bad.

5. Last night I made a menu for the week and went grocery shopping with Husband and friends. I felt like I got more accomplished in those couple of hours than I have working on my school projects all week long. Let’s not consider the implications of that too seriously.

(I really just think it means I’m lazy and like smaller projects over big ones, but still.)


I’m digging this. Her name is Alessandra. By Sart.


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