Fancy Cat.

All that my husband asked for for Christmas was for me to sew the cat a bathrobe. Both Husband and I have been gifted lovely, warm bathrobes from my family, and he wanted the cat to share in the warmth.

I resisted this for a long time. Much like The Selfish Seamstress, sewing is so time- and energy-consuming (at least for me) that it’s only worth it if I’m making stuff for myself.

However, he wouldn’t stop whining and pleading. Finally, I took a bathrobe that we’d bought at the Salvation Army last year as part of Husband’s Halloween costume and made the cat a bathrobe.

Also? That bathrobe happened to be Dior? My cat is officially fancy.

This is how she prefers to sleep with it. Bathrobe wrapped around her like a blanket and face, buried.

I tell her all the time that she’s a creepy weirdo and these photos just confirm that.

Too bad she’s such a fuzzy and lovable creepy weirdo.


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