Karaoke me away.

I swore I wasn’t going to sing. “Nope, I’m only going to point and laugh. I’m putting on my judge-y pants just now, in fact.”

I was wrong. Too easily persuaded. Plus, some of our friends, the guests of honor–they got a domestic partnership Friday and were over the moon!–rocked the karaoke machine like I’d never seen. Instead of being scared away, which would have been the more appropriate reaction, I was “inspired.”

Twice. Lady Gaga both times.

It’s a weakness, okay?

Here’s me and the huz. Not only was I wear the best sequined jacket the world has ever seen (thanks, Mom!) but I was sitting on the pool table that I had previously managed to DOMINATE.

I think his eyes are closed in this one. We actually took another to remedy this problem, but I look better in this one and he doesn’t really read this blog anyway. So there.

Also, because it’s Monday and sometimes I really, really want this:

But feel like this:

Penguin pictures via ToughPenguin


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