Where I’ve been.

We had one day of nice weather here this week. Thursday. It was beautiful. Cold still, but beautiful.

The morning was the best part. This is the “mountain” you can see from our apartment complex.

This is the scene from my bus stop. I still wasn’t over how blue the sky was. It had been weeks, people.

This is the scene around lunch time. I ate hurriedly, inside, then rushed out to enjoy the scene before my next class. I was not alone (However, I was more appropriately dressed than a lot of girls. Apparently, they thought blue skies = sundresses, regardless of the continuing temperatures in the high 40s.).

Then, this is today. We’re back to the disgusting, disgusting rain. I’m so over it.

My rain boots and bright red scarf are pretty cheerful though, huh?

I’ve been grading all day and am about to close up shop and go karaoke with some new friends. I’ll check back in soon.


One response to “Where I’ve been.

  1. sing your heart out, honey!

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