I have a modest goal of having a ring for every finger. In that really annoying white person way, having lots of metal on my hands make me feel a bit more punk. It’s all like I think that the obnoxiousness of my black sheath dress, cardigan, black boots, and headband will be canceled out by lots of sparkly, shiny finger decorations.

Well. It could happen.

L to R: Thug life in space rings, F21. Wedding rings. Sapphire halo ring, gift from parents. Elephant ring, F21. Filigreed armor ring, F21.

If it makes a difference, I don’t normally wear this WASP-y of a nail polish. I totally bought this bottle of “Ballet Slippers” on clearance at a Walgreen’s two years ago. So there.

Also, yes, this entire post may just be a time-wasting ploy I’m using on myself to put off finishing a short paper that’s due tomorrow. If you must know.


One response to “Ring-a-Ling

  1. the elephant ring has got to go bye-bye. I will now consider it my mission to find a replacement;)

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