I have issues with pants. Because I’m short and have serious hips, pants are not my friends. Plus, I don’t find the aesthetic of pant-based outfits that appealing.

But yesterday I bought a pair of jeans.

The last pair of jeans I purchased was over two years ago. I bought them (the old jeans) from Ann Taylor Loft. They are trouser jeans, really more deserving of the trouser title than the jean title due to their super dark wash and pant-like pockets, buttons, and fit. I also have a pair of at least three-year-old American Eagle straight leg, dark wash jeans in my closet that fit me sort of like a sausage casing and look about as flattering as they sound.

If I’d set out looking for jeans yesterday, you can bet I wouldn’t have come home with the ones that I did. I would have been all too practical about it, listing a dark wash, classic boot cut, and minimal trendy details as musts. Instead, I got these:

These are the “Easy Straight” jeans from Gap. They have a description on their website, but all that you really need to know is that if boyfriend jeans aren’t flattering on you, these will save you from despair. I loved the boyfriend jean look, but never really tried it because of my body shape. These called out to me from their pretty wall display and I tried them. We’re practically BFFs already.

I love these jeans. They look great on my butt, don’t emphasize my hips, and come with the holes already in them! Hard to believe, I know, but these are the first pair of jeans I’ve ever purchased that come “destructed.” And they’re so soft. Maybe you’ll get photos one day.

Until then, I think you should go try these on for yourselves. They’re never the kind of jeans I would have put on my shopping list, but that one of the reasons they’re so special–they’re totes different from anything else in my closet.

P.S. I also wore mine today cuffed up with brown, wedge t-strap pumps. Cheese.


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