Pre-Fall? But wait.

I like this weird sense of timing that fashion has. I like that it’s barely the end of fall 2009 and we’re already immersed in the pre-fall collections of 2010 (or, “twenty-dime,” as I’m determined to call it).

Here are some of my favorites so far, from the usual suspect Proenza Schouler (why is it I always like their fall collections so much more than their spring ones?) and, surprise!, DKNY:

Mmm. Nom, Proenza, nom.

Just yes. And also, isn’t this bag very similar to the Mulberry Baywater?

You don’t know how it pleases me to see that faux fur is going to have another year like this one.

On to the DKNY:

As has already been well-documented here, I love this Chanel-style jacket. I’m also appreciate of the continuation of the platform wedge’s popularity. Feet everywhere heave a sigh of relief.

Nubby goodness abounds.

Images via Fleur Avenue


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