Small graces.

I am thankful for the small graces of life. A girl just walked by beneath my office window with a bright and cheery coral-colored umbrella. It had a cream, ruffled trim. I appreciate those spots of brightness in this otherwise dismal, horrible day.

You can barely even tell that the sun ever came up. It’s consistently raining. The rain is cold. It’s very windy. All-around ghastly. This is the kind of weather I always imagined in the books in which the characters lived on the English moors. Except I don’t get to say that I live on a moor.

I took this photo yesterday to remind myself that on rare occasions, the sun does break through, even in a Pacific Northwest winter. It made riding my bike (even to get shot up) a joy.

Look at Winnie! Basking in the sun! Such a 180-degree turn from that weather to today. Unbelievable.

I’m going to go bury my head in theory for the next seven hours. Adieu.


One response to “Small graces.

  1. Sounds like the setting for Wuthering Heights. Sad. Miss the heat and sunshine of the south? Although now in the 20’s, I am sure that is still warm compared to most of the country right now. Even on cold days the sun shines! Miss you!

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