So, here are some things.

1. I made homemade marshmallows this weekend for a potluck. They were pretty good. We “roasted” them over a candle.

2. Husband and I went whale-watching (rather unsuccessfully) and had a blast. We ate at a restaurant called “The Sea Hag.”

3. I have acquired, as previously mentioned, many new dresses. The final of those dresses is due to arrive today and then I’m thinking about doing a series, “A Week in Dresses,” or “Two Weeks in Dresses,” as the case may be. I’ll have to do some strategizing and get back to you. Regardless, there will be pictures of dresses coming! Likely I’ll be wearing them, but that’s negotiable.

4. I am addicted to soy chai lattes. Can’t quit them. Don’t really want to.

5. Husband and I have started watching Battlestar Galactica. It’s one of those shows that’s normally WAY outside of my comfort zone/interests, but I’m getting into it. A friend described it as “a study of what it means to be human,” and I like that.

6. I’m trying to take more pictures. I eventually want one of these and I want to feel like I earned it.

7. I’ll be back here soon. xo


One response to “So, here are some things.

  1. Why is Steven so often seen in the “thinker” pose?

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