Hey, hey, hey!

I survived all plane flights, layovers, and inclement weather to make it back to Oregon and be here posting for you today! And, I’ve kept my first resolution! Day one (not really, but since school’s just started back it may as well be) of the new year and I’m wearing a new dress, courtesy of my mom.

I love a good bird print.

I have not been as successful in keeping my second resolution. I’ve been feeling as though I’m teetering on the edge of sickness for a couple of days and am valiantly trying to fight off the germs with loads of vitamin C (hello, Odwalla, you delicious, yet overpriced drink, you) and sheer willpower.

My flight last night was delayed. Husband picked me up at the airport well after 1 a.m. and then we drove two hours home. I’m running on fumes and have syllabus-brain, so I’ll let some others do the talking for me today.

No fabrics get to me like Liberty fabrics do. Their spring collection is beyond lovely. Via frolic!

Jason of Citizen Couture recently photographed this beautiful girl. I love her look.

A beautiful, new-year appropriate giveaway from Twig and Thistle!

Little Green Notebook features a room in grey and yellow! One of my favorite color combinations I talked about here.

Cool zero-dollar gift ideas over at Mer Mag. Too bad I can’t paint.

I’m off to meet my new class and painstakingly read each word of the syllabus to them. I did not do that last term and it was a mistake.

See you tomorrow.


3 responses to “Hey, hey, hey!

  1. And your new sweater, in that divine color;) Knock ’em dead, kiddo!

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  3. Hoping you are feeling better! Just wanted to stop by and wish you all things bright & beautiful in this very wonderful new year!


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