Christmas Travels

All of my family is in the South and I am flying home to see them tomorrow. On Christmas Day. Very sadly, minus Husband.

I’m a horrible flyer. Probably the worst you know. It will be worse going it alone without Husband’s hand to crush and his reassuring faces. I’ve been feeling anxiety about the flight for the past week and today it’s hitting a fever pitch. You best believe that tomorrow I’m loading up on Ativan. There are good reasons for my anxiety and nerves, but I won’t go into them here since I want all of you to hold on to your excellent flying experiences!

Anyway, there are many things I’ve been doing today in preparation for my early flight tomorrow (it’s really not that early, but we have to drive two and a half hours to get to the airport, so it will be an early start, nonetheless). One of the things was to finalize my outfit list and begin packing. I was so impressed with Jessica’s, of What I Wore, holiday packing sketches that I decided to attempt my own, despite the fact that I have never had any drawing skills whatsoever.

Here, for your entertainment, is one of my packing pages. You will note, that unlike the detail and depth of Jessica’s masterful and lovely sketches, I’ve had to list the clothing items next to the drawings so I can be sure to actually pack what I need. Haaa.

I’m making a sad face on day ten because I’ll be both sad to be leaving my family and sad to be getting on another series of airplanes.

One of the ways I try to comfort myself on flights is by pretending I’m an Olsen twin. (Should I even be telling you this?) The Olsen twins are always, always, always, being photographed at airports, and yet they keep going back! If they’re flying and fine and awesome, I can be too.

I mean, I know the laws of averages are in my favor, and more people die in car wrecks than plane crashes, blah blah blah. But my body doesn’t believe you. So, I’m going to lie to my body with Ativan and Olsens and be fine.

Merry Christmas Eve! I have a couple more posts planned before I jet off, but if for some reason I don’t get to them, Merry Christmas as well! xoxo

Image via Olsens Anonymous


One response to “Christmas Travels

  1. Hope you’re having a great Christmas holiday in the South! I was down there, too.

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