Grey Day Pleasures

These flowers were an early Christmas gift from The Best Husband Ever. (Click to enlarge.)

Sorry for the sort of crappy pictures, but again, our apartment gets no natural light, and I can’t photograph outside because it’s. ALWAYS. Raining.

Despite my inability to represent them accurately with my camera, these flowers are beautiful and I love them. They are a spot of brightness in an otherwise always grey town.

See? I’m not kidding.

I have a long list of (mostly fun!) things to do today, but can’t seem to get motivated. During my breaks I really enjoy lounging around until obscenely late in the day, then staying up equally late to compensate. It’s a schedule that works pretty well for Husband and me.

I’ve made a mental list of the things I need to accomplish and lit cinnamon and spruce scented candles to give the apartment a bit more of a Christmas feel. I couldn’t bring myself to get out our Christmas decorations when I’m flying south on Christmas day and would have to leave them up here for poor Husband to deal with alone. Instead, I have my candles, a list of baking, my favorite Christmas music, and a stash of secret gifts to serve as the requisite trappings.

I have a significant amount of cleaning and organizing to do, along with some serious cooking and sewing. It’s time for me to hop-to, but first a list of links I like.

Awesome holiday makeup over at Cheap Thrills. I have a Revlon lipstick similar to this color and had been wondering how to best wear it. Problem solved.

Possibly the best red dress I’ve ever seen, although maybe it’s just because Rebecca wears it so well.

A really sweet piece written by the adorable Mindy Kaling.

Mary Jo’s heartwarming post about happiness started my day off right.

Beautiful snow photographs at Fleur Avenue that made me gasp.

The best haiku about sewing that I could possibly imagine!

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