Rashida Jones and “Frenemy of the State”

It’s no real secret that I love the word “frenemy.” I love it because a professor whom I love, loves it; there were some great conversations in our seminar revolving around that word, new media, authentic identity, etc.

The point is: Rashida Jones, whom I definitely have a bit of a thing for, created this comic book.

The story is based on a fantasy that Jones had about Paris Hilton. Yes, please?! The narrative centers around fame and celebrity, concepts my (academic) research is focused on. Plus, as Latoya Peterson of Jezebel astutely notes, THERE ARE PEOPLE OF COLOR ON THE COVER!

“One of the first things I noticed about the cover of Frenemy of the State was the diverse group of people portrayed on the cover. It’s too soon to tell if they will all play major roles in the comic (much less if they make it to the screen), but it is certainly refreshing to see a fantasy world that includes both a central female character and other people of color.”

I don’t normally read comic books, but I have read a couple of graphic novels that I truly enjoyed, and I really want to check this out. I will have to solicit help from some of my more comic-savvy friends about how to even buy this, once it’s available, but if I do ever manage to get my hands on it, I’ll be sure to review it here. If you find it or read it, be sure and let me know!

Image via Jezebel

Coincidentally published on Jezebel on the same day, a theory on why I probably don’t normally read comic books, also by Latoya Peterson. I think it’s pretty much accurate.


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