My Opium Red came yesterday and it was love at first swipe. At some point I’ll have to update my Red Lipstick Chronicles because this is going to be my number one. It applies like a dream and would never dream of drying your lips out or becoming cakey. The color is perfection. A neutral red, leaning toward being cool-toned, I don’t know who this would look bad on. Also? Doesn’t require a lip brush. I may still use one to apply it if I’m hoping for all day wear, but even without careful lining and brush application, it looks fantastic. My only concern is with the rose scent. Fortunately, the scent wears off after a few minutes, but it isn’t my favorite. However, the smell isn’t powerful enough to really be a problem.

Will I pay $30 to replace it when I’m out? Yes. The search for my best red can end here.


2 responses to “YSL, ILY

  1. The shade of red is perfect on you!

  2. your gorgeousness astounds even me!!!

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