Christmas Thoughts

This morning, while my mister was still sleeping, the cat and I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas (and you can too, thanks to Hulu!). It has been years since I’ve seen it and I liked it more than I remembered I did…or maybe I’m just getting old and sentimental. Either way, it officially put me in the Christmas spirit and I’ve been plotting all day, finalizing surprises for Husband and searching for cookie and candy recipes. We’ve also been having some conversations about our plans for the future and how to negotiate what we believe Christmas means when we often act like what we buy is what Christmas means. I know it’s an old, unoriginal struggle, but it’s worth examining, all the same.

What have you been doing to prepare for and enjoy this season?

P.S. Tonight I received a Christmas surprise of my own from my favorite boy that I’ll try to photograph tomorrow. Again, he’s the best.


2 responses to “Christmas Thoughts

  1. you know what I think! I’m a “giver” always have been always will be:) It’s one of the best ways to let those that I love them know so…lame but true.

    And does it bother you that you dubbed you “Lucy” all those years ago??:)

  2. You definitely are. Fortunately, I’ve gotten a bit of that from you. And, no, it doesn’t bother me! If only I’D had a psychiatric booth!

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