Bemoaning My State

I’d sort of forgotten about Looklet. I’ve posted about the crazy-cool site here before, but it had honestly just slipped my mind in the past months.

Until tonight, that is.

I really like the site and they’ve added lots of nice features since the last time I visited, such as: being able to change the expression on a model’s face, change the way a piece of clothing is worn (open, partially or fully, and underneath or over another piece), and allows more impressive layering than before.

This site makes me sad to live somewhere like I do, a town where you’re given the stink-eye just for wearing heels. I’d love to be somewhere like NYC (well, really, I just want to be in NYC) where you can wear psycho-layered-out-of-control outfits and pieces and no one looks twice. Anyway. Here are tonight’s fashion fantasies:

This is sort of like my new coat?

Tutu, nom.

Aren’t these Acne wedges insane?!

You can visit my Looklet profile page, if you’re so inclined. If you have an account and/or some creations of your own, please share!


2 responses to “Bemoaning My State

  1. Oh no. A new way for me to waste my time. 😉 Cool site!

    Also, I love that monochrome look because I have a fur jacket nearly exactly like that and I had no clue how to wear it. This is a great idea.

  2. It’s such a fun website!

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