Bringing it all together.

Even after I edited my photos down quite significantly, there were still too many to post here. I made a Flickr set for you to visit if you’re interested in seeing the rest.

Also? I bought a coat yesterday. Husband says that he likes it despite its dowdiness.

I like it too. Ignoring the fact that it makes me look as wide as a little house, doesn’t have the freshest smell possible, is about six inches too long for me, and weighs approximately 6.78 pounds, it’s perfect. It’s so heavy, so warm, and makes me feel like a lady.

The coat plus the as of yet unseen and unpurchased Rodarte for Target dress will be my Christmas present from Husband. He’s the best.

I have my heart set on this blue Swiss dot dress, but, as always, it depends on what my relatively podunk Target gets in stock and in what sizes. Really, all of the slip dresses in this collection are lovely so I won’t have to compromise much, I hope. Fingers crossed for me?

I have some final surprise shopping and wrapping to take care of today and need to hop to it while Husband’s gone to work.

Before I go:

Isn’t this the sweetest Christmas present idea?

Probably the best get-over-yourself-and-your-bad-day advice I’ve heard in a while.

A charming, innovative, and super-cheap Christmas tree idea!

Lovely pictures of all different styles of holiday decorations.


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