That is exactly how I felt today. I started off the day right, with one of those bottled Frappuccinos and wow, was I ever reminded about the potency of caffeine. I’ve been bouncing and buzzing ever since. It did help spur me on because I got a lot done today. The most fun of the errands that I had to take care of was visiting a vintage shop. It’s one that I’d never been to for whatever reason.

What a dumb mistake that was.

This place is incredible. Seriously, I’ve never been to a vintage store like this one. I mean, I get that either you’re into vintage or you’re not, but I am and this place made my heart stop a few times. The owner of the shop was there, carefully pressing and hand-sewing repairs into the silk lining of a jacket. There were signs around the shop cautioning shoppers with a reminder that everything has been lovingly restored by hand.

There were furs: stoles, wraps, jackets. There were prom dresses from the 1950s. There were nearly 100 amazing hats. There were cases of sparkling rhinestones and cameos. There were clothing patterns from the 50s and 60s. There was a whole room of amazing, delicate kitchen wares. I nearly passed out.

I tried on two cashmere cardigans from the 50s but left them both there. One was a tad too small and the other had rhinestone insects on it, which while charming in that quirky vintage way, was not something worth investing in.

I bought a few yards of this pretty cotton with a grey floral print that I’m excited to use. I haven’t decided yet whether it will become a skirt or a dress, but I’m leaning toward a dress. There were a few yards of blue lace that I nearly choked up over, but left behind because it was too much–fabric and money.

Whew. Anyway. Tomorrow I’m going back. The owner said that she didn’t mind if I brought my camera in and took some photographs. I’m planning on bringing the tripod and everything. THEN I’ll have some pictures to sway you. I also plan on trying on some dresses tomorrow that I resisted today. We’ll see. The rack of evening wear calls to me no matter where I am or how few appropriate occasions I may have for such dresses.

To recover, I had a bean and cheese burrito with girlfriends. Nothing to bring you back (in a good way) like a bean and cheese burrito. Tonight, Husband and I are going to see An Education. Its 60s setting is going to do nothing positive for my dress lust when I return to the shop tomorrow. As far as the movie goes, it’s gotten great reviews and is written by the really talented Nick Hornby, so I have high hopes.

Come back tomorrow for photos and a review.


One response to “Bwaaaahhh!

  1. Oh, pics from the shop, I can’t wait…I’m so glad that you are enjoying your break already:)

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