Small things.

My sweetest baby brother sent me a very special pre-Christmas package this week. Inside was one awesome little gift that, so far, is the only hint of Christmas in our apartment (I’m sorry, Mom.). I think this snowperson is the cutest little thing ever.

The glitter, color-changing light, and personalization don’t hurt.

Adorable, no? (Sorry for the filthy camera lens. I blame Husband who is always losing the lens cap.)

I took this photo at the end of last week when this cold and frost was a novelty. At the end of this week, with the sidewalks and roads icing up, I’m relieved to see the forecasted temperatures are finally back above freezing.

I submitted my final paper for the term and now only have grading left to complete. It will be a tedious but not overly painful task that I keep putting off. One of the ways I will continue to delay that work is to promise to come back tomorrow with a book review (NOT of the horrible academic type)! Happy weekend!


2 responses to “Small things.

  1. Where are your nouveau gold Christmas trees?

    And it’s okay, your Southern Christmas promises to be decorated to the extreme!

  2. They’re just still in their box. I’ve been too busy/lazy to get it all down and unpack. And, yay! I’m looking forward to it.

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