Life with the iPhone

Here’s a few pictures to summarize the weekend (minus the awesome bowling, billiards, ice cream, and pseudo-attempts at work):

This is my classroom after all of the students left on Friday. Goodbye, Fall term 2009.

This is my current favorite breakfast. Oatmeal (I prefer Trader Joe’s steel-cut) with agave sweetener and blueberries.

This is at a local Italian restaurant Husband and I went to last night. He was so sweet and let me order stuffed mushrooms for a starter (which he would never eat) and raspberry cheesecake (which we definitely shared) for dessert.

It’s down to the final push. My final paper is due this Friday, but I’m also supposed to be turning in teaching philosophies and syllabus revisions and grading students final essays. I plan to get through it all with lots of hugs, bribery, wine, chocolate, junk food, brief cry seshes, and martinis. This time next week, I’ll be a new woman.


One response to “Life with the iPhone

  1. awesome and more awesome:)

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